Saturday, April 26, 2014

A concert and a baby...

Its been a busy few days for us. Thursday night we got a foster baby. This is through the same organization as we fostered last year. And this baby is in Hong Kong for medical treatment from an orphanage in China. Her name is YiLi and she is almost 6 months old. We are all enjoying having her. She has Bilateral Microtia. This is a good article if you interested.

Both her ears are affected, but she has had a hearing test on Friday and her inner ear is normal, so like the article says, all she needs is the bone conductor device... she will see another dr. soon to see about that. Infants can get one because it can just be attached to a head band and place on the baby's head. When she is older she may have one surgically attached as well. here are a few photos so far... and max loving on her :o) Both boys have been so sweet!

 And this morning was Jack's Kindergarten concert... SO cute ;o) the dance moves were awesome ;o)...
here are all the R2's {4/5 year olds} four classes together.
 Some kids drew a picture and some were recorded reading a story that was told throughout the concert. Jack drew a picture ;o)
 Only two classes together... can you find jack?
 all 12- KG kids for the final song... Next year Max will be up there ;o) fun times!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Camping on the Beach

We took advantage of the four day weekend by spending one night on the beach. Bryan was such a trooper. He was at MS camp from Tues-Thur... then was okay to head back out camping on Friday. We packed up in the morning, and headed out. After a quick stop at Subway for lunch we made it out to the beach.
 Jack and Bryan spent a long time building this hotel ;o)

 We made campfire cheeseburgers for the first time in the pie cooker and Jack approved!
 The beach was a popular place to spend the weekend!

 The boys spent a long time digging a hole big enough for Bryan to get in.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wet Egg Hunt and Beautiful Afternoon

Yesterday we had out annual moms groups Easter party and egg hunt. We've had a run of bad weather over the years and yesterday was no exception ;o)  Next week many of our moms will have their husbands home for spring break, so we had our outing this week. It was dry on the way to the park... rained while we did activities under the cover, dry for the egg hunt {yeah!} and then POURED as I was coming home.. whew!!! My boys seem to be at the worst when I am in charge {or partially in charge} of an event... mmmmm, not fun...

today of course was beautiful! Not a cloud in the sky. We were able to enjoy a fun afternoon outside with friends! 


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