Monday, February 24, 2014

Westward Bound

Opps, its been awhile since we've been back from Dubai.. and I haven't updated around here. Last weekend was the big ICS dinner/show weekend, so I've got some photos to share today. This is the first big ICS event of this kind in 10 years that I haven't been in charge {or co-charge} of the gymnastics part! :o) It was nice to just help out with hair and costumes this year and not have to create and produce the show! I did the costume accessories and hair for the girls both nights and that was enough. I also got to sit and enjoy the whole thing with Bryan at the Saturday night performance.
 Irina- a former student of both of us was flown in to be part of the show as an alumni performer

 Student performers... singing

 The headmaster {and sheriff} welcoming everyone to the evening.
 Bryan and the the other outlaws
 the Beard competition... save or shave it. The beards were auctioned off for shaving or saving for another two weeks. Bryan doesn't have to do either... he wasn't a winner...
 The Gymnastics...

 Final number of the evening... We had a sitter for the kids and Bryan and I really enjoyed the evening out. The kids were amazing! {as always!!!}

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Dubai, Final Day

Okay, wrapping up the vacation today.. we leave for the airport in about 6 hours... going to try and get a bit of sleep... we will be able to nap tomorrow though, as we have a 1 hour flight, then a 10 hour flight back to HK... Looking forward to going home, but what a trip it's been!! AMAZING!!! Today we packed in as much as possible. The hotel offered a free shuttle to the beach {at 8:30 am!!!} so we were on that... from there we took in all the markets, GOLD, SPICE, PERFUME and TEXTILE. The boys were great even though it wasn't that exciting for them. We then headed to the Dubai Fort and museum, SO interesting and a great history of Dubai. And to end the day, we made our way to the Global Village, which has shops and food from around the world. It was pretty interesting..

 The boys will take a good picture if I let them take an action shot as well ;o)

 oh and the Global VIllage had an ice skating show, outside, in the desert?

 and I will end with my market finds of the day.... Marsala curry powder, cinnamon, a floor poof case {we have to stuff it} 10 yards of chiffon, earrings, and two tubes of henna tattoo ;o)

Friday, February 7, 2014

Abu Dhabi/Dubai {catch up}

We are now at a hotel in Dubai. I didn't have a chance to post photos last night. here are photos from the last two days. Yesterday while still in Abu Dhabi we went to the zoo. The boys had a blast and you could get super close to the animals.. wow!

 Gregg drove us to the outside of Dubai and we took the train from there. Our hotel took one look at the crazy kids and gave us a bigger room. They boys are happy in their living room beds and we are happy in the other room. Last night was a great nights sleep!
 We are getting good the local transportation here.
 This morning we headed out to the Palm Island... we couldn't see it from the sky, but we could get an idea of what it looked like as we rode by the palm fronds we could see all the villas with their private beaches.

 After that we headed to a beach to give the boys time to play. This is Jack pretending to be a dinosaur.
 the famous Burj Al Arab hotel..
 and the highlight of my day... lunch at Chili's!!!
 Watching the skiiers at Ski Dubai...
 AND... the tallest building in the world!!!
 Dubai Aquarium..
 light and fountain show to finish off the day at the base of the Burj Khalifa


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