Saturday, August 31, 2013

More Birthday Fun

It seems that Jack has been celebrating his birthday for 3 months now... Family celebrations over the summer, the party last week with Malcolm, a special family night on his actual birthday Wed. and yesterday... a party in his class! Whew... its over... SO fun though...
Out for dinner... they brought us a free slice of amazing carrot cake!
 opening family presents at home {expect thank yous soon... we are working on them!}

Class Party in R2D There were two Aug. birthday... Anson turned FOUR and Jack turned FIVE in Aug... {I feel for the teacher! What a difference!} His family brought the cake and we brought the party favors... fun!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Jack and Malcom's Birthday Party

Jack will be 5 on Wednesday... Not sure where those five years just went, but he is certainly excited to be turning 5! Today we had a little party for him and his friend Malcolm who turned 5 over the summer. We swam, did a pinata, had pizza and homemade donuts, then opened presents... they kids all had a ton of fun and so did the adults! Happy Birthday Jack!

 From left... Gavin, Max, Malcolm Jack, Josiah W. Annette, Ava and in back Joasiah P.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Chen Chen is back...

So most of you know that in the Spring we Fostered a little girl named Chen Chen (not her real name) :o).... She left us in May when her treatment was finished her and headed back to China to a foster home there. She is near enough to the orphanage that she goes in daily for physical therapy... She needed to come back to Hong Kong for some follow up care and we were only too happy to have her! So, for the week, we once again have a little girl around and we are all just loving it! They boys are thrilled and a smothering her with love. We are very encouraged by how healthy and happy she seems, the foster home she is in must be a good situation for her..

 She is suppose to sleep with these crazy pads under her arms... but she is too strong and gets all twisted up!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

WAY too Long!

I can't believe its been almost two months since I posted here! Summer, life and my other blog got the best of me this summer and this little space has been neglected! Well, we've been back in Hong Kong for 4 days, almost over jet lag... so its time to pick up the pieces of normal life again! I'm not even going to try and post photos from summer.. way too many, way too much fun...This past Monday jack started his first day of R2 {like 4K}... We snapped a few photos... good thing we did because the next two days were off school due to a Typhoon blowing through and today he was feeling a bit sick... Hoping he's feeling up to finishing off the week with another day... Nice way to start back in!


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