Thursday, February 28, 2013

Trial Dance Class

This morning a few friends arranged a trial dance class at a local studio... When I first told Jack about this he was very adamant that he didn't want to do it. It later came out that he thought he had to dance in a show... So once I convinced him that it was a group fun time, he was okay and had a blast! Max was not so sure and sat by me for a long time and got up and wandered close to the fun at one point, but didn't ever really join.... maybe next time :o) Jack now wants to sign up for more classes!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sporty Update...

 Max and I picked up a ball and bat this week while Jack was at school. The boys have had SO much fun playing a little t-ball

And this morning Bryan ran a half-marathon. It was his first race of that distance and he finished in about 1hr and 47  min... He said it was really crowded the whole race, but he had fun! You can see him here at the finish.. his orange shorts are peeking out from the guy in the blue shirt :o)

 Out for Breakfast afterwards... A friend who lives in our same place ran as well. The moms and kids went down for the finish then to eat.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

a few more photos...

here are a few more beach shots we thought you might enjoy!
Jack did a lot of crawling around in the beach like a lion!
fun times at the pool (the hotel still had the Christmas decoration up?!?!)
 We felt bad for Jack as he had to share a bed with the crazy sleeper max!
The boys were proud of this huge "volcano" that they made.
Max and Malachi were quite the pair! :o) So fun  to see them having little two year old "conversations" :o)
The boys and their souvenirs... they were so happy with such simple cheap things... love it!
Playing crazy 8's on the beach.
No trip would be complete without a suitcase photo... the boys LOVE pulling suitcases :o)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Our Chinese New Year.....

I posted these photos on my other blog, so that's why they are all watermarked :o) Enjoy!
This past week was the Chinese New Year here in Asia.... Welcome to the year of the snake! We celebrated by traveling with our friends to the beautiful Island of Boracay in the Philippines. It was amazing! We have four adults and six kids (all BOYS!) so it was a fun and crazy adventure. I tried to just share a couple of photos, but I get carried away!
my quest to get a great photo of the two boys (in the same shot) is still on going! And no... we didn't make the sand sculpture, some kids did and were charging a few pesos for a photo with it.... I was happy to oblige!

 We drank amazing fruit shakes..
 Went for an Island tour on a boat...
 Watched the sunset every night...
Looked good in Dads glasses...
 Tried to get a good photo of the boys....
 Dug in the sand... HOURS everyday...

Buried each other in the sand..
Jumped on a little bungy trampoline on the beach...
Took a ride on a  little local transportation...
 Walked through the markets and stalls along the beach..
Stayed in the water and at the beach until the sun went down almost every day....
 SO sandy!
Good Bye Boracay...
Some other friends are in the Philippines for a year serving at a school, we were able to spend 24 hrs. with them on our way home... the perfect ending!
 Did you celebrate the New Year? (Chinese that is!)


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