Wednesday, December 16, 2009

three boys?

Our attempt today to capture the three boys was not so successful. It was a lot easier a year ago when they were lumps on the couch. Anyway, enjoy the shots, I still think they are cute if not so organized. In the end Jack and Josiah liked the photo shoot and we got a few cute ones of the two of them.
Josiah 19mths, Malcolm 17mths, Jack 15mths.

These two are so cute!

Not sure how I feel about picture, I am afraid my son looks a little mischievous.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

fun times...

Here are some recent pictures from our adventures.
This weekend we headed in to China for some cheap massages and Papa Johns pizza. My all time favorite pizza ( and the China version is JUST as good!) Jack and I took a few pictures while there.

Sunday we headed down to the Island to catch the Rugby Sevens in the East Asia games hosted by Hong Kong. A few of our friends went as well, so it was a super fun afternoon. The weather was about perfect and the Rugby was good. Hong Kong ended up with a Silver for the mens and a Bronze for the Women.

At the end of the afternoon Jack really needed a nap. Unfortunately it was during the Gold medal match between Hong Kong and Japan (it was SOOO loud in the stadium. However, he fell asleep and had a good nap in spite of it all!

Finally, today was a rainy day so we got together with a few friends down in the playroom here at our estate. The three little boys were being so happy and cute, I just had to capture it.

Friday, December 4, 2009

bruises and apples...

Jack had a run-in with the sidewalk earlier this week. He recovered fairly quickly, but its his worst injury to date :o) To make it more interesting he crashed to the ground in front a of a group of about 10 over-protective helpers who were outside our building :o)

We were given a fruit basket this week that had the largest apple I have ever seen. Here is Jack modeling just how large it is. We tried to give perspective with a normal apple, but it was a large one as well. The best is the picture where it looks as big as Jacks head!


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